“Fish are not useful just to add salt seasoning only. The sauce has a lot of the other nutrients such as protein, amino acids, particularly glutamic acid. And also, the nitrogen compounds, vitamins and minerals, many more.”


In contrast, those who choose to eat meat, fish, or lack of dietary protein quality that he consumed with regular meals can help. It may not replace the protein that the body needs all matter. Because of the restrictions on consumption. We cannot consume fish in large quantities. Maximum daily

consumption if the food was put in about 15-30 cc, about 1-2 tablespoons, which will replace the protein that your body needs each day by about 7%.

Types of Fish

            Derived from fermented fish sauce and salt. By intestinal bacteria to digest the proteins in the fish, the fish is an amino acid in the sauce. Legal divided into 3 categories sauce.

            – Fish sauce made from fermented fish or fish meal.

            – Fish from other animals from fermented fish such as shrimp, clams, squid.

            – Fish sauce, fish sauce or fish sauce mix derived from animal contamination or dilution with another substance that does not harm consumers. Fish species have nitrogen in fish from 4 milligrams per liter or more. If less is a seasoned brine.

Fish Sauce
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